The woman was left without sex because of a rare disease


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A resident of Texas for many years could not engage in vaginal sex because of a rare disease. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

25-year-old Mary Stood (Staud Mary) married a 26-year-old lover in 2014. After the wedding night, the woman realized that she can’t have sex with penetration. “I didn’t think that was possible. I was so hurt, it seemed, inside me, a brick wall,” she recalls.

A few months the couple tried in vain to solve the problem. Desperate Stud went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with vaginismus — a pathological condition in which involuntary contraction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles makes it impossible for any penetration.

For years, the woman was ashamed of her illness. “I thought I was defective as a woman and a useless wife. I developed a lot of complexes about sex — admitted Stud. — I became depressed and addicted to food and alcohol.” According to her, after she found out about vaginismus, she had a dislike of their own body.

“I no longer wanted to care for themselves. I smoked, drank, I ate too much”, she added. Later she started to study the ways to treat vaginismus on the Internet and bought a special device that helped her to relax the muscles of the pelvis. In 2018, the American asked for help from the physiotherapist.

Specialist taught Staud to control the pelvic floor muscles. The patient, among other things, took a course of acupuncture, which proved to be the most painful and the most effective form of therapy. Treatment program helped, and soon the woman was able to have sex with her husband.

Staud noted that she found the support and understanding of her mother. That offered daughter, “just to relax or have a drink before sex a glass of wine,” although these actions did not help the woman to overcome the disease. An American decided to share my story in the media, so that others suffering from vaginismus do not feel marginalized and not afraid to ask for help from professionals.

In 2018, it was reported that a school teacher from the U.S. state of Florida also managed to recover from severe forms of vaginismus, which is 15 years prevented her from having sex. She began attending regular classes, doing exercises at home and after a few months, first time she was able to have sex with her fiancé.

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