Visitors of abandoned buildings told of frightening cases inside


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Reddit users told about scary incidents with them in abandoned buildings. Thread their stories got more than a thousand comments.

Most people have heard in the empty rooms of the sounds that caused them fear. Rhyssayy and his friends at the age of 12-13 years explored the barracks during the Second world war and was struck by a loud scream emanating from the darkness. One of the users suggested that it was a squatter (a person who illegally settled in unoccupied territory — approx. “Of the”).

Lordpoee brother and sister decided to go to an abandoned house, an old lady who died. The girl was found on the top floor, bed in stained and a lot of good books, who wanted to take home with them and this laid on the mattress. According to the wearer when she went into the other room and then came back, the books back on the shelves.

Another user went with his father to the abandoned mine. During their walk, dad almost fell into a deep well, which is not noticed in the legs. Bonersaladbar went for a walk in an abandoned confectionary factory and unexpectedly he discovered the toys in a glass sphere.

For user Automatic_Treat study neglected places ended in an almost complete loss of smell. He was in the room with the toxic waste, which he started to have severe headache and suffered the receptors in the nose.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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