Wife Netanyahu staged a riot and threw the loaf in the Ukraine


www.vsyako.netSarah Netanyahoo: Debbie Hill/ Pool / Reuters

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu — made scandal on Board the plane during the trip to Ukraine. It is reported portal Ynet.

It is noted that the wife of the Jewish leader did not like that the captain supposedly did not greet her on Board properly. She tried to chastise him in anger, heading to the cockpit. It is known that there it was not allowed, but after that, the pilot for the second time welcomed Netanyahu in the air, with an emphasis on her name.

In addition, it is reported that after the arrival of the Israeli couple met a girl in traditional Ukrainian costume, and with a loaf of bread. The Prime Minister performed a traditional ritual with him, macnow piece in salt and handed it to Sarah, who left him on the floor.

Earlier, the wife of the Prime Minister was found guilty on charges of misuse of public funds for food in the amount of 100 thousand dollars. The court sentenced Netanyahu to pay 55 thousand shekels (more than 15 thousand dollars), she got a criminal record. The state reserved the right to file a civil court for the payment of another 175 thousand shekels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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