American farmers saved Huawei from the US sanctions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Aly Song / Reuters

The USA extended for 90 days license Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, which allows him to purchase equipment from American companies. The decision was announced by the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross, reports Reuters.

He explained the new delay to give more time for American companies to move to other equipment. According to Ross, especially hard to switch operators that serve the network in rural areas. “We give them a little more time, so they have time to get away from Huawei,” — said the Minister.

Also Ross said important news is the inclusion of a further 46 associated with the Huawei company in the American black list. Now it is already more than a hundred items. It includes subsidiaries of Chinese companies in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, France.

Washington accuses Huawei, in collaboration with the government of China and working in its interests, including the surveillance of the clients. In may, US Department of Commerce introduced the company in the black list, which does not allow it to purchase components and technology of American companies. Until 19 August, Huawei had provided a reprieve, but did not exclude from the list.

In July, the G20 summit, the heads of the US and China, Donald trump and XI Jinping agreed to a truce in the trade war. One of the points was the lifting of the ban on cooperation with Huawei for Americans. But later relations between the two countries deteriorated again, and Washington as much as possible complicated licenses to work with Huawei. In the end, none of the 50 submitted applications not received approval.

Today, the President, trump declared that he does not want to have anything to do with Huawei, citing a threat to national security.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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