Brothers and sisters will give an advantage when applying to the Russian kindergartens


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

Russia has offered to give priority to siblings when enrolling in kindergartens so they can go to one preschool. The relevant amendments to the adopted in the first reading the bill on the same benefits when applying to schools already submitted to the head of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Andrey Kutepov, reports TASS.

“Children have the right of admission to the training programme of primary education in state and municipal educational institutions, which educate their brothers and sisters. In regions of acute need for the admission of brothers and sisters in one educational institution in respect of pre-school institutions”, — explained Kutepov.

In addition, the Senator has introduced amendments that would change the law “On education in RF” and helped to consolidate at the Federal level, the rights of large families on the admission of children to pre-school educational institution in the first place.

Until 2024 in Russia it is planned to implement the national project “Demography”. The objectives of the project are to reduce mortality rate, ensuring more education of citizens approaching retirement age, and to increase the availability of preschool education. The total budget for the next six years will amount to 3.1 trillion rubles.

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