Built by the Russian oligarch airport was too expensive for the Russians


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Built by the holding of Viktor Vekselberg, the new airport Gagarin in Saratov are not satisfied with the carriers due to the high maintenance costs. She was several times higher than in the airport Central, which terminates on August 20. Airlines have started to refuse flights to the city, says family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The sale of tickets to Saratov from 27 October, when the entering into force of the winter schedule, stop “Aeroflot” and S7 Airlines. Their tickets are not in the reservation system. “Aeroflot” intends to save the message, but will reduce the number of flights from six to two per day. The representative of the company in comments to RIA Novosti he promised that the tickets will add 20 August. Rusline from the last flight that follows from the data on the website of the company, scheduled for September 13.

As explained in S7, rates rose because of systemic factors: in the industry there is no “mechanism for approval of investment projects for construction of new airports and terminals.” As a result, construction companies are spending a lot of money for the reconstruction of the existing terminal or building a new one, and the airlines are then faced with the fact of growth of tariffs and fees and are forced to raise ticket prices. “It is not always possible in a competitive environment and declining real incomes”, — said the representative of the carrier.

Now, as posted on the website of the airport documents, the fee for take-off and landing is 1010 rubles per tonne maximum takeoff mass of the aircraft. This is more than three times higher than in the Central. The tariff for service of one passenger reached 415 rubles, while in the old Saratov airport for it only asked for 82 rubles. The representative of S7 stressed that it’s not in the special low cost Central. If topping the flight on the A319 in Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Yekaterinburg is 100-135 thousand rubles in Gagarin appointed 280-300 thousand.

Will not experience problems only loukoster “Victory”, which has one daily flight to Moscow. Moreover, the carrier has applied for the second such flight to Moscow and the flight to St. Petersburg three times a week. According to sources in the industry, the company was the only one who was able to obtain a discount of about 50 percent for service in Gagarin. Not yet reacted to the situation carriers Fly Pegas and Nordwind Airlines, which also operates flights to Saratov.

Meanwhile, the holding “Airports of regions” (manages airports in several regions of Russia including in Saratov) to reduce tariffs is not going to. The company’s CEO Yevgeny Chudnovsky sure that the airlines will move from regional to medium haul aircraft and the problem will disappear by itself. “How said that high rates will kill the transport? Killed? No, not killed. For example Platov (airport of Rostov-na-Donu — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) resulted in a decrease in fares, ridership by 30 percent has grown,” — he stressed.

Aircraft “Victory” performed the first regular flight to the airport Gagarin. On Tuesday, August 20, it arrived with 177 passengers. Two days before, during a test flight on Board the “Victory” at the airport flew in the CEO of the company Andrey Kalmykov, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Deputy head of Ministry of transport Alexander Yurchik, head of the Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko and Vekselberg.

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