In Israel, explained for the Ukrainians insulted the wife of Netanyahu


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The Protocol of the visit to Ukraine of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu did not assume the active participation of his wife Sarah in the ceremony. In this regard, it is not instructed what to do with a welcoming loaf, said Israeli Minister ze’ev Elkin, quoted by RIA Novosti.

According to Elkin, the ones who were at the scene, did not feel that there was some incident and the situation fanned the media. The Minister said that Sarah Netanyahu was to participate in the ceremony. She was holding a few crumbs of the loaf in his hands, and she fell, said Elkin.

Earlier, Netanyahu also commented on the act of his wife. According to him, in its actions there was no desire to insult or show disrespect to the Ukraine. “I will tell you that she specifically chose the clothes of the national colours of Ukraine. She got off the plane in clothes of blue and yellow colors. Is out of respect to Ukraine”, — stressed the head of government.

In the office Zelensky said that Sarah Netanyahu had committed the act unintentionally, and it is not disrespect to the Ukraine. In addition, the press service noted that the incident cannot overshadow the importance of the visit of the Israeli leader to Ukraine.

August 19 during the first 20 years of the visit of Prime Minister of Israel to Ukraine Sara Netanyahu threw it on the ground a piece of welcome Ukrainian loaf, which she proposed to try her husband, Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the same day the wife of Netanyahu had to be at the center of yet another scandal: she staged a brawl on Board the plane during the trip to Ukraine. She didn’t like that the commander of the crew greeted her on Board properly. The people of Ukraine demanded from the authorities to respond to the incident and even to make its data on the website of the “Peacemaker”, where is placed the information about “enemies of Ukraine”.

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