Named after the Russian city with the cheapest studios


www.vsyako.netImage: Domofond

The cheapest Studio in the Russian new buildings sold in the Mound. They there are an average of 999 570 rubles. This is stated in the study of portal Domofond.

On the second place on cheapness were the Studio of the Nizhny Tagil (1 050 000), the third — Vologda (1 078 526 rubles). Overall, the average cost of a Studio in Russia amounted to 1 934 968 rubles, and the average area is 28 square meters.

The most spacious of cheap studios situated in Chelyabinsk — 36 square meters at an average price of 1 219 751 ruble in Brjansk (1 239 937 rubles with an area of 34.6 square meters) and Tambov (1 244 241 ruble and 33.3 square meters).

The most expensive Studio was in Moscow, their average cost is 5 638 990 rubles, and a surface of 27,3 square meters. Second place in the ranking took Khimki, where the cost of the Studio is 3 634 412 rubles, the third — Sochi area Studio 3 160 455 rubles. Saint Petersburg ranked fourth in the ranking. There Studio the average cost 3 140 685 rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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