Released photos made an emergency landing A321 inside



In the Internet appeared photos of the cockpit and cabin Airbus 321, which made an emergency landing in a corn field near Moscow on August 15. Photographs published by the TV channel “360”.

As seen in the photo of the interior already removed all the passenger seats and on the floor, scattered magazines and safety instructions that the flight attendants handed out to passengers during an emergency landing.

In addition, the images indicate that the cockpit and the windshield remained intact, despite the hard landing.

August 15 Airbus A321 aircraft with 226 passengers on Board flying from Moscow to Simferopol, made an emergency landing in a cornfield not far from the airport Zhukovsky. According to preliminary data, the airliner engine failure because it got them gulls. Injured 76 people. The pilots were awarded the title of hero of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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