Retired four days survived in the forest without food and water


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In the English town of Lydney, Gloucestershire, an old woman four days to survive in the woods. About it reports the British newspaper Daily Star.

71-year-old Janice Warren (Janice Warren) went missing on Tuesday, August 13, in the vicinity of the Rugby club Bream Rugby. On her quest pulled together rescue dogs from all over the city, despite the pouring rain. Winner speleo-rescue, as the search area was a large number of underground caves.

Four days later the woman found in the woods, and then was taken to the hospital. “All shocked that she managed to survive on the street without food and water for so long. Especially considering her age,” said the granddaughter of Warren.

Now the Briton is recovering in the hospital. According to rescuers, they are glad to be able to find the missing alive and well. “It was a great result for the whole team, it shows that we are not so much train in vain,” said they.

Earlier it was reported that in the city district of Arlington, Virginia, an elderly man had five days to eat only “Coca-Cola”. The greenback fell in your kitchen at the end of July and was unable to move. The only thing he could reach was the soda.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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