The Americans learned of the existence of Bay leaf and surprised the rest of the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @ZebitasMartinex

Twitter users from USA, go to the restaurant Chipotle, complained that their dish was the sheet. They realized that the plate was a Bay leaf that is used as a spice.

ZebitasMartinex collected tweets Americans in one publication. Many of the reviews wrote that “never will come” in this restaurant, as they are in the dish “put sheet like wood.”

Users of Twitter in other countries were surprised that the Americans do not know about the existence of Laurel and its use in cooking. “Americans, never heard of spices?” — wrote exaenae. User sunrisebarnes asked to respond to a tweet of U.S. residents who know about the Bay leaf to “restore faith in humanity”.

Later discussions in social networks have connected people from European countries. Wearer Ciscoandchai reacted to the publication with the phrase “crying in Italian”. Michikokopop stressed that “the Frenchwoman it greatly upset” because of non-recognition of the spice Americans. SweetBeanAmin concluded that visitors did not recognize the Bay leaf, because I do not know how to cook, but it should be.

Earlier the journalist of Business Insider Katie Warren (Katie Warren) was delighted with my lunch in a fast food restaurant “McDonald’s” in Moscow. She praised the school for cleanliness, free tables and lack of security locks on the doors of toilets.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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