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Wholesale pork prices in the domestic market have declined steadily. Now they sredneslozhivsheysya below last year’s five percent, and by year-end, the difference may reach ten percent. Retail will experience a drop less and not immediately. This forecast was shared by the Director General of the National Union of pig (HCC) Yuri Kovalev, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the peak price of late July and early August passed and the price of pork in the wholesale market is already falling. To buyers the full reduction will take three to four months. “Meanwhile, the decline in wholesale prices stops pressure on retail prices, so the sellers now are doing more promotions and discounts for such products,” — said Kovalev.

The head of the NSS explained the trend of increased production and increased competition. For the first half of the current year Russia produced 2.33 million tons, which is 4.1 percent more than a year ago. The growing and export of pork — from 9 thousand tons in 2013 to 84 thousand tons in 2018. But the imports for the same period fell significantly — from 1.2 million to 86 thousand tons.

Kovalev did not rule out that the situation of constant growth in the long term can lead to serious collapse in prices, which will become a threat to the industry, but the spread of African swine fever in China reduces this possibility.

The Russians over the past year started to eat less meat. From July 2018 to July 2019 they bought 4.3 percent less than meat products. While sales of pork fell below average — only three percent. Hardest hit beef market. It bought seven per cent less.

Earlier it was reported that the price of red meat around the world can be greatly enhanced due to the introduction of the new excise tax. The option of raising VAT on it from 7 to 19 per cent is now considered in Germany. The authorities intend to reduce the consumption of harmful product, which, as the doctors say that increases the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, increases the risk of stroke, diabetes and cancer. Experts at Oxford University estimate that reducing this in the diet will prevent six thousand deaths a year and reduce spending on healthcare by 850 million dollars.

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