The reality star earned a fortune in the sex and the escorts


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Participants in some reality show, using his popularity, providing sexual services for money. This is with reference to multiple speakers according to the tabloid The Sun.

Agent several celebrities Rob Cooper (Rob Cooper) stated that former members of the show Love Island often getting job offers after completion of the project. According to him, they offer four to 20 thousand pounds for sex (from 320 thousand to 1.6 million). Some of the stars confirmed this information: for example, Sophie Anderton (Sophie Anderton) said that in five meetings with “customers” received 50 thousand pounds (over four million).

Earlier at a charity auction Adam Johnson (Adam Johnson) acquired the night with reality TV star Katie Price (Katie Price) for 12 thousand pounds (more than 970 thousand).

Celebrities are also tempted luxurious trips abroad, and even the opportunity to be photographed in the luxurious interiors for the post in Instagram. Cooper said that yesterday’s TV stars accept these offers, since their salaries reduced. He noted that the interest of such women is increasing in 2013, but this year it was unprecedented.

“Since the beginning of this year the number of men who want to hire celebrities for sex is really increased significantly,” he says. Cooper said that this comes from the fact that fame is not what people imagine it myself, and the people are not ready to go to a “regular” job after the experience on television.

Some celebrities even ask their agents to find them these customers. “I know at least 10 celebrities who have asked their agents to actively seek any information that can give them the opportunity to escort high-class,” confirmed Cooper.

In such sentences is of interest not only women but also men. Many of them are files of a special escort agencies. Clients of such agencies want to appear in public with famous people, or at least to buy an expensive “toy”. And the celebrity and the client must sign a confidentiality agreement.

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