The road in the Russian region will repair after 10 years



In the city of Novoshakhtinsk of the Rostov region in the framework of the national project “safety and quality of the road” repair the road, which could not be addressed more than 10 years. This is the official portal of the government of the region.

“This project we wanted to bring to life more than a decade ago. Now, thanks to the national project, to fulfill the dream of the residents of the city and surrounding areas. It is gratifying that we have the opportunity to improve margins, where people have never seen sidewalks, lighting and good roads”, — said the head of administration of Novoshakhtinsk Sergey Bondarenko.

As noted, at the moment the road is ready for 50 percent. All work will be completed by the end of September. During their segment with a length of 3 kilometers will stack a two-layer asphalt-concrete, mount pipe, which will ensure the pass of storm and melt water, will be equipped with the curb and stopping-landing pad and will install lighting poles and car-pavilions. The cost of repair will exceed 75 million rubles, of which about 68 allocated from the Federal budget.

Only until 2024 within the framework of the national project “Safe and high quality roads” Novoshakhtinsk will receive about 300 million rubles to repair the road network. Work will take place on 11 city streets.

The modernisation of regional road network — one of the key goals of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. The share of roads of regional significance is expected to grow to 50.9 percent, will be eliminated half of the places of concentration of accidents, double the length of high-quality roads of Metropolitan areas, 10 percent reduced the proportion of overloaded Federal and regional highways.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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