The star of the show “Happy together” has lost 60 pounds


www.vsyako.netNatalia Bochkareva: @natalia_bochkareva_official

Russian actress Natalia Bochkareva, known for her role of Dasha Bukina in the series “Happy together” for a year lost 60 pounds. She announced in her Instagram account.

She noted that on various sites there are many articles about her transformation, and also the diet on which she was sitting, and medications saw. The actress stressed that, as a rule, this information is false.

“Now, the truth is that after the birth of a second child, not recovering from the first pregnancy, I weighed 120 pounds and dropped 20 pounds, as they say, and more than 60 pounds in less than a year,” — said Bochkarev. She admitted she actively attended the gym and danced a lot, including during the “Dancing with the stars.” The actress said that did not sit on diets, but refused to eat for the night.

In April, the actor Aleksandr Semchev told that on the eve of the 50th anniversary moved to a proper diet and lost 100 pounds. Then he stated that fat people should be pitied, because they are unhappy and are experiencing enormous stress on the body and all organs, including the legs and the liver.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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