The woman found the doll clown Pennywise near the house and called the police


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Renee Jensen page on Facebook

Renee Jensen (Renee Jensen) from new Jersey (USA) found near his home Pennywise the doll and burned it. Now, the woman worries for her life. It is reported by Newsweek.

On the forehead of the doll was written the mysterious letters and numbers with a black marker, and mouth toys were soiled with artificial blood.

Renee was scared when together with his guy found a creepy doll. The girl was immediately going to call the police, but the young man talked her out of it. Then she shared a photo of a toy Pennywise in Facebook. Users have convinced her to contact the police, as this may be something more than a simple joke.

Police arrived at the scene, according to the women themselves are scared. They didn’t even touch the doll and told the woman to get rid of the toy. After they left, Renee tried to set fire to Pennywise, but he didn’t fire. The woman then poured some olive oil on top, put newspaper down, then a toy clown burned.

The woman called the whole incident is similar to a strange occult satanic ritual. This doll is in mass production, but the numbers and marks on his forehead planted Renee toy someone painted.

Jensen argues that has no idea where this doll could take her in the yard. According to her, the neighborhood is home to only one neighbor. Even now she’s afraid to sleep, locks the door to his room and puts it beside the knife. A woman burned sage in my backyard to get rid of evil spirits.

The woman claims that have always been a fan of Stephen king, have read the novel “It”. Clown Pennywise is a well-known character of this work.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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