The woman slipped a pimple and I was paralyzed



The woman borrowed a brush from a friend and was paralyzed. Reported by the Mirror.

27-year-old Australian Joe Gilchrist (Jo Gilchrist) took a tool to cover up creams pimple. A few days later she felt unbearable pain in his back. In the hospital the woman said with a brush through the cracks in her skin, in the body entered a fatal infection. She reached Gilchrist spine and paralyzed the lower part of her body.

“The pain was worse than childbirth,” — said the victim and added that the doctors were afraid of the spread of infection throughout the body. After surgery, the Australian reported that the rest of her life she will have to spend in a wheelchair.

It later emerged that the girlfriend Gilchrist, which lent her a brush face formed the most dangerous form of staph. “My best friend feels awful, but it’s not her fault. I just have a weak immune system, my body became the perfect environment for breeding bacteria,” says Gilchrist.

A few months the woman spent in the hospital. After discharge, she had to relearn how to conduct normal life in a wheelchair, and raising a young son Tommy. In the process of rehabilitation Gilchrist underwent a course of physiotherapy and training, hoping to return movement to the limbs. The result a year later she managed to get back on their feet and start walking.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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