54-year-old actress has appeared in swimsuit for the cover of a fashion magazine


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54-year-old Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci starred in a swimsuit for the cover of the weekly magazine Vanity Fair Italia. The cover photo was published in the official Instagram account of the publication.

Photo Bellucci in a white bathing suit lying in the water. “In youth we see the world in black and white, we become conformists and victims all read us lectures, yet do not understand that for us it’s really important. Those who have no nostalgia for the past, no fear before the future. Beautiful Bellucci likes to change everything in life, even men,” reads the caption to the photo.

Most commentators praised the appearance of the actress. “Beauty that cannot be compared with anything,” commented a photo of one podistica. “Monica is always beautiful, hot stuff,” agreed another user.

However, the topics covered in the interview angered some subscribers. “Vanity Fair, you are not tired of asking the same questions? About age, about the beauty — it’s always the same. Come on, Monica Bellucci is so smart, deep and interesting personality, that can talk about anything” — discussed topics of the interview members. Got most Bellucci. “Wow, what an example for all Italians: “She likes to change everything, even men”” — outraged reader.

Room will be available August 28. For the first time for Vanity Fair Italia Bellucci starred 16 years ago.

Recently, the 51-year-old Danish fashion model Helena Christensen starred in swimwear for photo shoot of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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