A European diplomat wanted “Europe for whites” and paid


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Elizabeta Mađarević page in Facebook

Croatian diplomat, working in Berlin, was accused of damaging the country’s reputation because of a post in Facebook. About it reports BBC News.

As it became known on 8 August, the first Secretary of the Embassy of the country in Germany Madjarevic Elizabeth (Elizabeta Madjarevic) posted on his page photo with the Adriatic coast. In the caption to it reads: “Only white Europeans as it was only 30 years ago in Europe”. Also in the report said “pure and genuine Europe” — such comments are called nationalist and neo-Nazi. Now the page Madjarevic in the social network removed.

Initially, Madjarevic claimed that he wrote as a private citizen, not official, and has the right to inviolability of private life. Later she suggested that her account was hacked. In the previous post Madjarevic media found support homophobic views, and link the gay rights movement with pedophilia, and a message about “routine Islamization” from Muslims.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Croatia, said that Madjarevic withdrew to their homeland. Currently, the diplomat suspended and is awaiting disciplinary proceedings.

Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic Rudman emphasized that the diplomat never acts as a private person: “Private life is over. If you are ready for it, you can’t be a diplomat.”

Croatia joined the European Union in 2013. In January 2020 the country for six months take the post of the President of the EU Council.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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