Dagestani historian Kadyrov said for Imam Shamil


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Chairman of the Dagestan historical and geographical society Zurab Hajiyev said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on the issues of the Imam Shamil. Recording of his speech posted on YouTube.

Hajiyev noted that the first was waiting for someone from senior colleagues “will satisfy your educational needs policy”, but many of them kept silent. Therefore he took upon himself the responsibility “to continue to answer all questions and attacks on our shared history.”

The video consists of excerpts of broadcasts Kadyrov and reviews Hajiyev. So the historian responds to the statement the head of Chechnya that he would ask the Imam Shamil, why he had not remained in Chechnya or Dagestan, and went to the Kaluga. According to Hajiyev, Imam Shamil was sent to Saint Petersburg, and the Emperor promised to let him go with his family to Mecca, he determined the place of residence of Kaluga. The historian notes that the decision was made to avoid uprisings of the supporters of former dynasties.

In addition, Hajiyev explained that Imam Shamil remained in the Chechen Republic as the Chechen Autonomous oblast was formed on November 30, 1922, the status of the Republic it acquired in December 1936. “For obvious reasons of Imam Shamil could not be there. I hope I was able to answer for the Imam to questions afflicting you,” said the historian.

Hajiyev also denied Kadyrov’s statement that the Dagestanis fought against Shamil, was offered for his head the big money and kicked out the Imam of the Republic. He noted that he was in Chechnya, because in this area the fighting was happening more rapidly. The historian also said that Imam Shamil brought Islam and the Islamization of the rest of the highland societies, which, not becoming Muslims, could be outside the Chechen nation.

On 7 August, the Agency “Chechnya today” has published an interview with Kadyrov in which he stated about the responsibility of Imam Shamil during the decline of the Chechen people and accused him of terror against Chechnya and its people. His words caused a public outcry: they responded mufti of Dagestan, and also known to the natives of this Republic, including the champion of UFC Habib Nurmagomedov.

Were later published a video showing Kadyrov, speaking to the Dagestani public figures via video, explains that it never said and that his words were misinterpreted by journalists.

Shamil was the third Imam of Dagestan from 1834 to 1859. In 1840, he decided to merge Western mountaineers of Dagestan and Chechnya and to become the Imam of Chechnya. From 1840 and fought with the Royal army until he was captured in 1859-m during the capture of the village Gunib in Daghestan. Shamil is the national hero of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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