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The cheapest house in the Russian black sea resorts are offered to vacationers for rent in Kerch and Tuapse. This is evidenced by the study “the World of Apartments” (at the disposal “of the”).

Tuapse was the cheapest resort in the Krasnodar region on the cost of rent of private houses: in the summer of 2019, the rates here start from 2.6 thousand rubles per day. Affordable rates are also noted in Novorossiysk and Anapa (respectively, 3.2 and 3.8 thousand rubles per month).

In Crimea, the minimum rental rates are observed in Kerch: to rent a house here can be from 2.5 thousand rubles per night. Second and third places on this indicator is Saki (2.6 thousand) and Simferopol (2.8 thousand). Cheaper three thousand per night in an average of 2950 rubles — rented private home in Feodosia.

The most expensive private homes of the Kuban thus available to rent in Sochi: the average daily rate is 8.5 thousand rubles. In Crimea, the leadership on this indicator holds Yalta: private home at the resort rented out at an average of 10 thousand rubles per day.

Analysts “World Apartments” to emphasize that in Sochi, and Yalta you can find more affordable deals — at the rate of from three to 5.5 thousand rubles per day. While for several people the cost will be even lower. “If you push off from the total value of the house, and the quantitative composition of tourists, virtually any resort you can find properties for 1-1,5 thousand per person per day” — explains the General Director of the company Pavel Lutsenko.

A similar study of the company conducted at the beginning of the holiday season. First place then the cheapest among the resorts of Krasnodar region also took Tuapse, in the Crimea, the leadership went to Koktebel.

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