In Siberia found a way to revive the housing market


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

In the Tomsk region recorded low rates of commissioning of new housing, but the authorities are developing measures for the revitalization of this market. This will affect in particular the implementation of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”, said the Vice-Governor of the region Andrey Antonov, reports “Interfax”.

“It’s about seven thousand inhabitants of area and 120 thousand square meters of housing. Our colleagues are working on the possibility of introducing a “cluster” of settlement, to vacate the land “spots”,” — said the official. According to him, this will create in the center of Tomsk location for housing development.

Antonov explained that one of the reasons for the low pace of housing construction is the high debt load of the population, the other changes of the legislation in the sphere of shared construction.

Work on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, conducted in Russia since 2007, is included in the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. It is planned, in particular, to increase the resettlement of dilapidated housing to 9.54 million square metres and relocate 530,9 thousands of citizens from unfit housing. The program is calculated till 2024.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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