Iranian tanker broke down in the Red sea


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Jon Nazca / Reuters

Oil tanker Iran broke down in the waters of the red sea, Reuters reported, citing state media of the Islamic Republic.

It is reported that broke the tanker under the name HELM. This ship, like many others, is under us sanctions.

“The crew of the ship engaged in repairing a ship is in stable condition. Fortunately, all crew members safe,” said Akbar Jabal-Ameli, technical Director of the state Corporation that manages the Iranian tankers.

According to the Agency, Iran has one of the largest oil fleets in the world, but its ships are aging, and possibilities for their replacement and modernization greatly curtailed by the restrictive measures of the United States: most of the countries does not trade with Iran due to threats of punishment from Washington.

On 19 August it was reported that an Iranian tanker Grace 1, previously detained in Gibraltar, have left the water a British overseas territory under a receipt that will not be unloaded in Syria and violate thus the EU sanctions regime against Damascus.

He had previously been detained by the UK at the request of the United States. In response to this measure, Iran had seized in its waters, the British tanker Stena Impero — the pretext for this was the vessel violation of several rules of international transportation.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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