Powerful turbulence and sudden loss of height injure passengers of the aircraft


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jorge Sanz / Globallookpress.com

About 30 passengers of the plane, EN route from Port Louis (Mauritius), were injured due to severe turbulence. About it reports the local edition of El Mundo.

The incident occurred with the aircraft, Airbus A330-343 night of August 20th. According to passengers, the plane suddenly began to fall and lost 300 meters in height, which is why many of the tourists bumped his head, got a few bruises and injuries.

“This is our second birthday. To be honest, I thought the plane was gonna crash” — shared emotions one of the travelers.

However, the pilots managed to bring the aircraft out of the dive and to make a successful landing. After landing in Madrid 35 passengers were given medical assistance. Some of them were hospitalized in a local hospital Ramón y Cajal, La Paz and La Paz in Madrid

In July, the network appeared the video effects of turbulence in the business class of the Airbus A380 of Emirates airlines, carrying out flight from Auckland (New Zealand) in Dubai. On the video shots are visible inverted food carts, broken bottles, discarded signs on the floor indicating the way out and other destruction. It was noted that the aircraft was in the area of “unexpected and severe turbulence” in three hours after departure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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