Stripper revealed the true attitude to customers



Female strip clubs told us about how they treat their customers, what is the behavior of people they like, and what they condemn. Thread with their answers on Reddit got more than 22 thousand likes.

Most wrote that they were most pleasant to work with those who understand that a Striptease is a game. “Tip the girls who dance on the stage, order a lap dance, be polite”, had described one of the wearer the perfect visitor.

Girls do not like when men began to philosophize and to prove that female workers of the club honest with them. In addition, they are ill-treated those who were let go for them, humiliating jokes and comments.

Many admitted that they prefer not to judge clients. “Strippers look to visitors as walking wallets,” wrote one of the wearer. “I do not think about them, it helps me to speak confidently in front of them naked. I need to consider themselves superior to them”, — shared his feelings the other. “I just want to make their money and move on,” said the third.

For PrincessWithAnUzi even conversations with clients were boring. “They all say the same thing ten times in a night: how beautiful you are, how lucky your boyfriend. Asking me my name, if I have a boyfriend. God, we’re not on a date”,— expressed their indignation at the girl. She added that along with the other girls gave offensive nicknames to those who didn’t order a lap dance.

However, one of the wearer admitted that he had spoken with men who, in her opinion, I wanted a simple conversation. They paid her for the time spent, and the girl listened to their stories. She wrote that she did not do it out of pity, but out of respect for the fact that they found a way to communicate with another person.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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