The famous pornstar was homeless


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One of the most successful pornstars Sedora Stephanie (Stephanie Saddora), known under the pseudonym Jenny Lee (Jenni Lee), became homeless. She now lives in tunnels in Las Vegas, reports The Sun.

37-year-old Zadora still popular among users of porn sites. She has about 45 thousand fans, the last film with her participation was published a year ago.

“I must be still in some ranking of the top 100. I was so hot,” — with a smile said the actress. She does not complain about the current conditions of life, as it has everything you need. Lee said that could leave the tunnels but don’t see the point. She also noticed that despite the more difficult living conditions than in an ordinary house, here, underground, it feels more relaxed. In addition, she had real friends.

Zadora born on February 11, 1982 in Clarksville the U.S. state of Tennessee. Currently, it occupies the 113th place in the ranking of Pornhub under the pseudonym Jenny Lee. She became a model at age 19, starred in commercials for television. Later she worked as a stripper, and then began to star in porn films.

Previously, Stephanie vixen (Vixen Stephanie) shared how she managed to earn on Pornhub about 12 thousand dollars (782 thousand) per month.

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