The Russians left paralyzed mother in the house during the flood


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Svetlana Zadera / RIA Novosti

The villagers Corner Mazanovskomu district of the Amur region was thrown into a sinking house mother who can’t walk. This was told acting Deputy chief of the Amur emergency Department Konstantin Rybalko, reports “Russian newspaper”.

“Sons left paralyzed mother, they escaped to the hill. Then there was a phone call to headquarters: “save my mother”,” — said Rybalko. This was confirmed in the government of the Amur region, the newspaper writes.

In conversation with Amur.Info Rybalko explained that instead of a stretcher, rescuers used the door leaf, the woman was strapped, loaded on a boat and accompanied on foot. They had to walk on water is about 200-300 meters.

The rescuer noted that all of the disabled left to spend the night at school because the relatives left them, and fled, frightened by the high water. In school with disabilities provided service, care and nutrition, and in the morning they were evacuated to hospitals.

As of 20 August in the Amur region remained flooded on 25 the grounds, in temporary accommodation there are six people, reports TASS with reference to EMERCOM. The region has restored more than 500 kilometers affected by flooding of roads. From July 25 to operate in the region the emergency mode.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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