The star of “Bewitched” had two abortions and called them the right choice


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American actress Alyssa Milano young twice had an abortion. She announced this on their podcast, Sorry Not Sorry.

The celebrity said that both incidents occurred in 1993. Then she was in a serious relationship with a man whose name she did not disclose. “I was first in love, in love to breathe, so how can you be in love when you’re young. It was a great feeling, it filled every part of my life,” shared the actress.

She noted that at the time wanted to focus on my career and not thinking about family, so I was on the pill. However, they did not work, and Milano got pregnant twice. She explained that the decision to terminate the pregnancy was at odds with the fact that she grew up in a Catholic family.

“I decided to have an abortion. I made a choice, and for me he was absolutely correct. It was not easy. It was not what I wanted and what I needed,” said the actress. She opposed the abortion ban, calling such laws a violation of women’s bodies. The star of the show “Charmed” stressed that she wouldn’t have a career and freedom to be yourself, if she hadn’t terminated the pregnancy.

Currently, the 46-year-old Milano has two children from sports agent David Bugliari. The couple married in 2009.

In the spring of Lena heady, who plays Cersei Lannister in “Game of thrones” took part in the flashmob actress busy Philipps for women’s right to abortion. She noted that “the rights of women and girls is a human right”.

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