American Sprinter-record three times escaped a doping test


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American runner Christian Coleman may get a suspension for skipping a doping test. Reported by the Daily Mail.

23-year-old athlete is required to provide doping officers the reasons for missing at least one episode. Otherwise, Coleman will face two-year ban from anti-Doping Agency of the USA (USADA) that will skip the Olympic games in 2020. The American has attracted to the problem of lawyers.

Coleman is the favorite of the upcoming world Cup. The tournament will be held in Qatar and starts on September 28.

Coleman — a world-record holder in run on 60 meters. At the world indoor Championships in 2018, he overcame the distance in 6,34 seconds. American also won silver in the world championship. In 2017 in London, he showed the second result in the distance of 100 meters and relay.

American considered the heir to Jamaican runner Usain Bolt in athletics. Nike signed a sponsorship contract with Coleman in 2017.

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