Ashamed Meghan Markle rushed to prove one’s love to nature clothing


www.vsyako.netMegan Marklar: @hrhofsussex

The Duchess of Sussex Megan appeared in public in eco-friendly clothes after accusations of environmental pollution. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Wednesday, August 21, the wife of Prince Harry came for a charity photo shoot Works Smart in a blue linen shirt British brand With Nothing Underneath. The founder of this brand is the former stylist of Vogue peep Durell. The designer creates things out of recycled materials and packs customer purchases in a cotton bag, not to use plastic bags.

The cost of this shirt on the website With Nothing Underneath is 85 pounds (about seven thousand).

In August, Meghan Markle and her husband have been criticized in social networks for irresponsible to the environment. In 11 days, the pair made four flights on private jets, which in terms of per transported passenger emit seven times more carbon dioxide, causing the greenhouse effect.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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