Disclosed to ruin people’s artist of Russia Nazarov habit


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Close Alexandra Nazarova spoke about the last days of life the national actress of Russia. Words friends actress leads kp.ru.

Each Nazarova Svyatoslav Moiseenko said that the actress smoked a lot, despite health problems: “during the intermission, ran to smoke, and then comes the cough”.

On the question of continued Nazarov, “Smoking up to the last” despite the problems with the light, Moiseenko responded: “to Argue with Alexandra Ivanovna was useless. It all was his view. She could listen to, but then have to do it my way.”

Girlfriend actress Anahat Bagirov said that, when Nazarov was hospitalized, she “something else could speak, whispered, because my throat was already tube”. “And then when she got worse, the doctors began to put only 3-4 minutes. The last time I saw Sasha a week ago, last Thursday. She already knew that he was dying,” said she.

On the death of people’s artist of Russia became known on 20 August. Nazarova was 79 years old. The cause of death, according to Deputy artistic Director of the Moscow Theater Yermolova Galina Bogolubovo, have problems with light.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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