“Ilovaisky boiler” was a triple


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Around the Ukrainian forces, hit the “Ilovajskij boiler” in August 2014, there were three lines of encirclement. About this news Agency, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine “АрмияINFORM” said Yuri Burlai involved in those battles in the battalion of the interior Ministry of Ukraine.

According to him, leaving the environment, the Ukrainians noticed tanks. “The tankers are Russian, remember, we waved… Turns out it was the first line of the environment. All three of them” — says Burley.

The security forces passed through the first line, which, according to Burley, was done in order to understand the length of the column. “When, as I understand it, the last car reached the first line of the environment, then gave the command to destroy”, he added.

After the convoy began to fire, the military decided to go for a breakthrough. According to the memoirs Burley, he broke through in an armored SUV that did not stop neither bullets nor grenades, but only anti-tank missiles, and a machine after it gets ripped only one wheel.

“АрмияINFORM” does not details of the biography Burley, but a person with the same name appeared in the publications of the Ukrainian media on the theme of the investigation of the shooting in knyazhichi, Kiev region Kiev region in December 2016, which killed five policemen. Journalists wrote with reference to the father of one of the victims that this case can stand major interior Minister Yuriy Burley, the alleged head of a gang “werewolves in epaulets”.

Fights for Ilovaysk was conducted in August 2014 among parts of the Armed forces of Ukraine, interior Ministry and volunteer groups on the one hand and the self-proclaimed militia Donetsk national Republic on the other. Subsequently, these events became known as the “Ilovajskij boiler”, as Ukrainian security forces first occupied a significant part of the city then was surrounded and, after a break suffered heavy losses. Main military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has counted 366 dead, and the investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada stated that the number of casualties among the security forces could exceed a thousand men.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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