Japan and South Korea approached the rupture of diplomatic relations


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South Korea breaks the agreement to share intelligence with Japan. This decision was taken following hours of debate in the national security Office at ainocarabus the President, according to Reuters.

As noted by Deputy head of Kim Yu-Geun, Japan in time will notify you of the cancellation of the contract. The agreement (GSOMIA) was automatically last August 24, unless one of the parties decides to cancel, the Agency said.

Kim Yu-Geun explained that Tokyo has made “significant changes” in cooperation in the security sphere, when he referred to problems in this field and without clear explanations abolished the right of Seoul on the accelerated importation of their products. In this regard, South Korea has decided that keeping the agreement under which the parties exchange important military information, “would not meet its national interests”.

The decision will likely have a negative perceived in the USA, Reuters reports. Washington is very important the cooperation of its major allies in Asia in the field of security to counter nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.

Earlier it was reported that the foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea will hold talks in China. They are needed to reduce tensions between the two countries, which resulted in large-scale economic confrontation.

In August, Tokyo struck Seoul from the list of priority trading partners. Japan also imposed restrictions on exports to South Korea of some chemical substances and components. The official reason was suspicion that Seoul is supplying dual-use goods to the DPRK. In response, South Korea denied Japan the right to the accelerated import of their products.

Mutual restrictions began after the South Korean court decision on compensation for damage by Japan during the Second world war. In Tokyo pointed out that the issue was settled in 1965, when the agreement was signed on the normalization of relations between the two countries.

In the period from 1910 to 1945, Japan annexed the entire territory of Korea. In these years forced labour of the local inhabitants were used in some Japanese firms. Korea’s independence was restored after the defeat of Japan in world war II.

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