Lost on the tour, the man six days to survive in the forest eating insects


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A resident of the U.S. state of Utah told how six days survived in the forest on the border of Idaho and Montana. His words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

25-year-old caden Laga (Laga Kaden) lost in the state reserve on 11 August, when riding on a horse. During the tour one of the animals start to limp. Then the enterprising man has decided to call for help, accidentally turned onto an unfamiliar trail and got lost.

“At some point I was on the mountain and had no idea where it is located — says the man. — I decided that I was going to move East, whatever happens”.

When a Lag was only a cell phone and an empty bottle. Almost a week he drank water from the streams and eating wild berries and crickets. The man admitted that insects were tasteless and a little like popcorn.

According to the American, he spent about 15 hours to build a fire. For this he used sticks and stones, and when the discharge of the smartphone, tried to draw the spark with the battery and the glass from the camera.

To survive, man had to sleep only three to four hours a day. One night, he heard the characteristic sounds of a bear and was forced to go further. He said that the rescue team at least twice flew over it by helicopter, but because of the trees did not notice him. “When they came out, I happily thought, “That’s all I saved,” and in a moment they flew in a completely different direction,” he complained.

17 Aug Lag got to search the camp on the beaten path. Now he and his wife, which is in an advanced state of pregnancy, going to take a vacation in Hawaii to recover after the incident.

Earlier in August, it was reported that in England a 71-year-old Janice Warren survived in the forest without food and water. Four days later a rescue team found an elderly woman and took her to the hospital where she recovered.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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