Polish restaurateur called Ukrainians “nedolyudmi”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

The owner of fish restaurant in Gdynia, Poland was at the center of a scandal after he called Ukrainians “nedolyudmi”. On 21 August reported Gazeta Wyborcza.

In search of a new chef, the owner placed an ad on the Internet. “Attention. No Ukrainians or other the like,” was listed in it. When he pointed to the disrespectful and xenophobic, he said: “we respect the Clients, sub-humans, no.”

His words sparked outrage including from the local authorities: the mayor of the city of Wicej Schurek met with journalists and condemned businessman. “Such words should not be spoken in our public space, and, in particular, in such an open and modern city like Gdynia,” said the mayor.

The authors of the memo noted that a meeting with the press of Schurek chose a Ukrainian restaurant, which is headed by a Ukrainian.

Relations between Ukrainians and poles periodically exacerbated in the backdrop of a difficult past. So, the state considers the Ukrainian nationalists from the OUN-UPA (banned in Russia) for veterans of the great Patriotic war, and in Poland their ideology is forbidden as extremist. In July 2019, a special Commission has announced the search for witnesses of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists against Polish people.

The nationalist OUN-UPA, led by Roman Shukhevych, existed from 1920 to 1950-ies. In 1943 the fighters of the UPA — armed formation of the OUN under the command of Stepan Bandera organized the so-called Volyn massacre, the victims of which could be up to 100 thousand ethnic poles, including women and children. After the war, the UPA launched an armed resistance to the Soviet regime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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