The actor from “the Godfather” in paints told about having sex with Marilyn Monroe in 15 years


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Actor Gianni Russo has told in detail about how I lost my virginity at 15. According to the artist, the 33-year-old Marilyn Monroe, writes Daily Mail.

About the incident told Russo in the biography, called “Hollywood godfather: My life in the mafia and cinema” (Hollywood Godfather: My Life In The Mob And Movies). He said that he met the actress, working in the Barber shop, she several times visited. Later, Russo was invited to Monroe to the hotel. The woman appeared before him in a white towel with a glass of champagne. At the meeting, she allegedly immediately dropped the towel and invited Rousseau to take a bath.

“My heart was ready to break out of his chest. I closed my eyes like an idiot and she laughed about it,” said he.

According to Rousseau, they did not get out of bed all weekend, and on Monday he had to return to work. Their romance allegedly subsequently continued.

In the same biography of Rousseau suggested that Monroe was murdered by the brother of U.S. President John Kennedy, who did not want the public to know about the novel, head of state and actress.

Gianni Russo made his film debut in the first two films of the trilogy “the Godfather”, playing Carlo Rizzi. In his career he starred in more than 50 tapes and TV shows.

On 18 August it became known that after the death of Monroe in 1962, photographer Lee Viner entered the morgue and took off the naked body of the actress. The official cause of Monroe’s death — an overdose of drugs.

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