The floating shark attacked the woman and bit her



Hawaii shark attacked the woman and bit her. It is reported CBS News.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, August 20. 27-year-old woman was swimming in the Bay of Kealakekua at a distance of approximately 50 meters from the shore when she was attacked by a predatory fish, and twice bit her. The victim was pulled to shore and taken to hospital with injuries of the back and right hip. She is now in stable condition, to its health threatens nothing.

Witnesses described the predator that bit the woman, then the police speculated that it could be a reef shark with a length of about two meters. Local fishermen also noted that at this time of the year in the district where a lot of fish, which attracts marine predators.

According to police, near the Bay were posted warning of shark attacks signs. All the beaches in the pond will be closed to visitors soon.

Earlier it was reported that in the city of new Smyrna beach American Florida shark attacked the girl and bit her. The girl’s mother, who was sitting on the shore, at first I thought that kid was joking. But when he saw the blood, she decided to take his daughter to the hospital, where she got 12 stitches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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