The guy left the girl at the gas station and condemned to suffering


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

The lady Reddit c nick dyslexiyeah told how was forced to spend a few hours at the station due to the negligence of her boyfriend.

In the summer they went on a journey by car from the American state of new Mexico in the Mexican capital, Mexico city. The guy converted the back seat and the trunk of the car under the bed. While it refueled in the desert in Arizona, the girl unbeknownst to him went to the bathroom.

When dyslexiyeah returned, they saw the car of a guy. The girl remained in the car, so she began to approach the other people at the gas station and ask to give her call. It turned out that the lady didn’t remember the guy’s number by heart, so I called you on your number but no one picks up the phone. When she found the room boyfriend through Facebook, it turned out that his cell phone was unavailable.

Desperate, she sat on a bench and sobbed. A looked at her suspiciously and did not believe her story. After a while came the police, which caused the employees of the gas station. They offered her to drive either in plot or in a nearby town.

The user has agreed to go to the city, but on the way a policeman called a colleague remaining at the gas station and told about a young man who was looking for his girlfriend. “We go back and I see the guy almost crying because he can’t believe what I did,” he described dyslexiyeah the time of the meeting.

He said that he discovered the disappearance of the beloved, when he wanted to Wake her and show the beautiful scenery outside the window.Not seeing the girls in the car, he turned around and tried to go back to the gas station. He saw the calls on her phone, but it is considered rude to answer someone else’s mobile.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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