The Russians explained the rules of protection against domestic violence


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The Russians gave advice that will help them to avoid violence in relationships and family, or to let him continue. A list of 14 rules was prepared by the psychologist Anastasiya Rubtsova, it has published the portal “Дети”. The psychologist said that would give these tips to my daughter.

So, Rubtsova advises “If you hit, immediately go.” According to the psychologist, you first need to collect all the documents and children, not to accept the apology and not to enter into negotiations. “Any “I’m sorry” tomorrow will turn into “you got me”. In the swamp is easy to fall off, and get out of it is extremely difficult. Do not hesitate — run,” says Rubtsov.

The second piece of advice — “You are not to blame.” Rubtsou says that phrases such as “your fault” and “you upset me” is a lie. “Actually this means: “I know I can hit you, to hurt, to insult, and for me it will be nothing, so I see no reason to control yourself””.

Rubtsova also advises not to be ashamed to ask for help, to complain, to talk about what’s happening. She advises to pay attention to humiliations in his address and prevent them. According to the psychologist as it is not necessary to trust the feeling of “Well, sort of thought” — it should be wary if once adequate person becomes “irritable sadist”, and the next day all is calm again.

According to the psychologist, a woman must earn my own money and have their own money, it was a “financial cushion” just in case. In addition, the Russians should not close their eyes to health. She also advises not to dwell on the relationship and not to turn them into the only important thing in life, and try something new, including new haircuts, meals or sports.

Another tip, which gives Rubtsov — it is not necessary to refer to the opinion “everything is live” and to justify this violence in your family. According to her, the woman should not seek to create a family “at any price” and also berate yourself for mistakes, for example, if “did not see the scoundrel.”

The woman also needs a place where she can support and take care of her and family, she says. In addition, Rubtsova advises to be ready to help others and share the rules with friends. She also noted that as a mother will support her daughter, and will talk openly to her “I told you so”.

Earlier, the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas said that in the Russian legislation can change and the domestic battery goes from category of administrative offenses in the criminal offense.

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