The woman fed the meat of the child of a family of vegans and was justified on the network


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The lady Reddit under the nickname DazzlingCatation told how to feed meat baby from a family of vegans. She asked followers of the thread to judge correctly received.

The author of the post stated that they was visiting a friend of her 13-year-old son, and she fed him dinner. “At that time the parents are unable to pick it up on time and asked to feed, noting that they are vegans and he, too, must make a dish of this type,” explained the woman.

That night in her family for dinner was meatloaf, but she was willing to cook for the guest the carrots and potato wedges. However, according to the woman, the boy himself wanted to taste a dish, adding that regularly eats meat at school.

When the parents learned that the child eat meat, they were angry. “They said we are bad and want to convince him to abandon veganism. Although it was his choice to eat our food instead of cook him something separate,” — said the lady.

According to DazzlingCatation, because of the incident, parents are now denied the boy is in communion with her son, despite their friendship. Users in the comments generally supported the woman’s decision to feed the child meat, as he himself expressed such a desire.

Commentators-vegans pointed out that parents shouldn’t monitor the habits of the child. “He’s a vegan, and I totally agree with you. Spit on the parents who are so controlling,” wrote one of the users. Another said that the child was given a choice and he is old enough to do it yourself. “And so it is clear that he is not a vegan, given that eating meat at the school,” he concluded.

Earlier in may a famous blogger-vegan from Finland, Virpi Mikkonen (Virpi Mikkonen) said that her diet has led to health problems.

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