Thief in law Sturgeon Jr. predicted power over the crime of Donbass


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The thief in the law Sergey Asatryan, known in criminal circles as Sturgeon, Jr., together with his father Eduard astronom (Edward Sturgeon) can gain control over the criminal world of Donbass. On Thursday, August 22, according to “Prime Crime”.

According to the Agency, recently Sergey Asatryan, previously deprived of thieves title in the conflict with opponents, was able to restore it. It happened in the prison of the city of Balashov (Saratov oblast); Asatryan helped return the title of kingpin Oleg Sukhachev (Suhaj) — authorities became friends back in 2008 while behind bars.

When the speaker was in prison Balashova, Sukhachev at first did not welcome him as the kingpin. Over time, however, the position of Suhaca has changed: he not only acknowledged Asatryan thief, but also allowed to notify the prisoners of the prison with thieves “run” (the message).

Meanwhile, according to “Prime Crime”, prison Balashova is the main on the territory of the Volga-don basin and in the South of Russia. If Sergey Asatryan will be able to keep your thieves status, it has the potential for informal control of the prison in Balashov.

Moreover, due to the lack of competitors Sergey Asatryan, along with his father, a thief-in-law Edward astronom (Edward Sturgeon), may eventually gain control over the criminal world of Saratov and Rostov regions, as well as Donbass.

15 may it was reported that Eduard Asatryan challenged the master thief in the law of Azerbaijan Nadir Salifov (Guli).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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