Miley Cyrus has estimated their naked pictures and told about the change


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Singer Miley Cyrus, earlier in August, broke up with her husband Liam Hemsworth, has published a series of Twitter posts in which he talked about drug use in his youth, admitted the affair in early relations and calculated their Nude photos were online.

“Most likely, the Internet of Nude pictures more than any other woman in history,” suggested the artist.

Cyrus has listed the unpleasant events in their lives, recognizing, in particular, cheating on their partners in adolescence. She remembered how she was kicked out of the hotel for what it is bought for the Hemsworth cake in the shape of a penis and licked it. Cyrus also reminded that naked swinging on a ball RAM, meaning the shooting of the video for the song Wrecking Ball.

The singer stressed that all these things happened to her in her youth. She noted that after the news about the breakup with Hemsworth and divorce, which was filed by her husband, many believed that the gap between them has occurred because of the betrayal by Cyrus. “I can accept many things, but refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of infidelity. Liam and I were together ten years. I’ve said it before and insist on his — I love Liam, and I will always love him,” she wrote.

On August 21 it became known that Hemsworth has filed for divorce from Cyrus, putting the reason “irreconcilable differences” between spouses. On the separation of the pair was reported earlier in the month. In addition, the source said that Cyrus introduced his mother with his alleged sweetheart. Earlier, the singer was caught making out with a girl.

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