The sixth finger, Kim Kardashian found a medical explanation


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The sixth toe American businesswoman and reality star Kim Kardashian, who fans discovered on one of her photos, found a medical explanation. It is reported Hollywood Life.

The publication quotes Dr. Daniel Geller, a specialist in sports orthopedics, working in the field of surgery of the foot and ankle. “When the outer part of the foot deformity is present, this is called deformation Taylor or “tailor stop”, which, apparently, is Kim — commented the doctor photo Kardashian. — In fact, you see the fifth metatarsal bone, which protrudes slightly to the outside, it almost creates an optical illusion that she has a sixth finger.”

Also the doctor has called the possible cause of the appearance of the star deformation of Taylor: “this is Usually a result of wearing high heels or shoes that are very narrow in the forefoot, which compress the toes. When you squeeze your fingers together, the metatarsal bone protrudes outwards”.

According to the doctor, fix the problem with the bones is possible with the help of cosmetic surgery that will smooth the ledge. Recovery from such surgery usually takes four to six weeks.

However, according to the doctor, this is not a final diagnosis. The Kardashians may be bursitis — inflammation of the mucous bags in the joint.

Earlier in August, the fans made fun of Kim Kardashian for the sixth toe, which they found at a joint photo of the star with her half-sister Kylie Jenner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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