Drunk Russians gave the strippers 80 thousand euros, and complained about the theft


www.vsyako.netPhoto of Vitaly Timkiv / RIA Novosti

A native of Yekaterinburg named Alex, being drunk, gave 80 million euros (about 5.9 million) for tipping the strippers, and drink of strangers, and then complained about the theft of money to the police. This was announced by Telegram-channel Baza.

The man appeared in Moscow after a trip to Dubai, where he works as a Director of one of the companies. He went abroad to arrange their children to school. Alex claimed that somehow suddenly appeared in the night club with a briefcase full of money. He invited a few girls in the room, put 80 thousand euros and 10 thousand dollars in the safe and went to sleep, and next morning found the money.

The police found that the man he gave the money. So, one of the strippers, who was having a birthday, he gave 2.5 million rubles. He also drinks off strangers and left as a maid in room 500 Euro tip.

Alex asked everyone to return his money, the strippers did, and men had no complaints.

Earlier, the Russian forced the police to check on the mining 256 kindergartens in Moscow, but the message was false. The man was detained, the interrogation he said he was angry at the police, but can’t remember what I said, because I was very drunk.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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