An elderly man stuck his head in the ladder and five days waiting for help


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In the French city of Epinal, the region Grand-est, a man stuck his head between the rungs of the ladder and held in this position for five days. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Monday, August 19, anonymous Frenchman, who, according to the newspaper, a little more than 60 years, fell from the ladder while repairing a private bathroom. Head of a man stuck between two steps and he couldn’t reach the phone to call for help. Neighbors heard his screams.

The man was found by his sister on Friday, August 23. She decided to check my brother well, as he has long been out of contact. The Frenchman was still conscious, but was suffering from severe dehydration.

A woman called rescuers. They managed to free the victim, he was taken to the hospital. The doctor noted that because of the incident the man was disturbed cerebral circulation, and sent it for examination.

Earlier it was reported that in the us urban district of Arlington, Virginia, a lonely old man, had five days to eat only Coca-Cola. The man fell in his kitchen and couldn’t stand up. He managed to reach only to a bottle of soda.

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