83-year-old lady Tinder boasted Dating with young guys


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A resident of the USA Retroac Hattie (Hattie Retroage) boasted that in ‘ 83 started seeing young guys via the Dating app Tinder. This reports the Metro.

“The younger men, they are trying to interest a woman, but quite different than when I was young”, she said. Living in new York Retroac been married over 25 years and has become a grandmother. According to her ex husband they had a “great sex life”.

In eight months of using the application, she met with approximately 50 young men. Most young her partner was a 19 year old guy. Currently woman Dating 33-year-old Sean (Shaun) — he is younger than her 50 years. She admitted that at my age not looking for a serious relationship, but short-lived Dating.

According to American women applied to such as she women word cougar (literally “Panther”, in slang means a woman seeking sex with young men — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) is not offensive. She noted that these ladies are not hunting for prey, and “elegant and sophisticated creatures.” “I’m never hunting. I never approach a man, men always come up to me,” she said.

She appreciated the opportunity to meet different men thanks to Tinder. “It certainly is not life in the full sense. But simple pleasures, like good sex, it’s already good enough in my case,” she explained.

Earlier, the Tinder user decided to delete the Dating app after he received the same response from the two girls. He explained that they did it intentionally.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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