Men and women found it difficult to say the ideal duration sex


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Reddit users found it difficult to determine the ideal duration of sexual intercourse. The discussion launched by the user realtalk281.

The author of the thread described himself as a guy over the age of 25 who has a steady girlfriend. However, the user wondered if there is enough long is the sex. According to him, sexual intercourse takes a maximum of nine minutes. He also noticed that rarely masturbated even as a teen.

In comments to trade men and women found it difficult to name exact figure. Wearer BasqueOne noted that every person has their own desires and feelings, so you need to communicate with your partner, ask him what he likes. “If you are too embarrassed to ask or say, you still should not have sex”, she concluded.

User gitbse told that with age I realized that in sex the man is first and foremost to think about the desires of the partner. He advised before direct contact can fondle her. In this case, the duration of sexual intercourse no matter, he concluded.

Wearer billeyrulez said that I never liked to have sex longer than 20 minutes. According to her, after this time the sex only causes pain and discomfort. She stressed that, contrary to popular belief about women’s desire to make love for hours, if it is true, it is not for everyone.

Previously, Reddit users have called the most annoying and boring action in sex. The thread received over six thousand comments in a few hours.

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