The protesters want Hong Kong to China, the fate of the USSR


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Thomas Peter / Reuters

China needs to repeat the fate of the Soviet Union. This was stated by one of Hong Kong protesters in a conversation with “”.

“China bears a tyranny, and we want democracy! We stand against Communists, and against all the rest! We understand that right now the dream of independence unrealistic. But in 1989 the Soviet Union also no one could predict! Of course, we are inspired by this story,” explained 40-year-old protester named Michael.

According to him, his whole family supports the demands of the demonstrators, but to appease the Hong Kongers, the city Manager Carrie Lam should not only withdraw the controversial bill on extradition (this is already done — approx. “Of the”), but also satisfy four other requirements.

September 4, Lam withdrew the bill on extradition, which would give the Hong Kong authorities of Taiwan, Macau and the PRC. She stressed that now the main priority is ending the violence, restoring order and the rule of law. “Regardless of our offense or the depth of discontent against the government, we cannot accept or acknowledge that violence is a solution to our problems,” added Lam.

The full interview is available at “”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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