Have lived together for 60 years, the couple revealed the secret of a happy marriage


www.vsyako.netBernie and June spall Photo: from personal archive

A couple from North East Lincolnshire, UK, celebrated 60 years of wedding anniversary and revealed the secret to a happy marriage. This publication reports The Mirror.

Bernie and June spall (Bernie and June Spall) met at a dance in October, 1958. At that time, 20-year-old Briton chose what plates to put when 21-year-old Bernie approached her and offered to help. “As soon as I saw it, I knew I would marry him. I conquered his reverent attitude to me and the sense of humour which he retained to this day,” recalls June.

That evening the British had taught her to dance, and they “waltzed the whole night”. Just four days later, Bernie has made a proposal to the girl. However, they managed to get married in August, so the father of June was not allowed to marry before 21 years.

Bernie admitted that because of a sweetheart lost his job and abandoned many plans. When they met, the Briton only returned from the army and plan to move to Australia or New Zealand with his brothers any time soon. He also asked for a week off at the factory where they got to spend time with June. He was fired, but Bernie admitted that he didn’t care — “we were together and only that mattered”.

Elderly British and today I go to dance classes, bowling and fitness training. The secret of their long relationship Bernie believes the ability to accept and respect the differences in the characters of two loving people. June also believes that all the matter in love.

In August it was reported about the couple from the American city oborn, Washington, which is more than 68 years wore the same clothes and called it one of the secrets to the longevity of their marriage. Americans sing together the hymns of the Church and believe that faith in God also helps them to maintain good relations.

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