Mother came up with a way to save toothpaste and had the reputation of a lazy


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Social media users criticized the woman who told him about the hack, which allows her to save toothpaste. This writes the Birmingham Live.

The post women in the Facebook group called Simply Moms (“mothers”) drew the attention of the wearer, Mama megan. In the publication it was stated that the author bought a box of 144 disposable toothbrushes, to avoid clutter and unnecessary consumption of toothpaste.

To post a woman put a photo of the box and added that each brush have toothpaste. “You just need to pull the brush from the package, wet it, brush your teeth, and to throw everything away,” wrote the mother.

Users of social networks has not endorsed this a hack, because he felt that such a large number of plastic waste harms the environment. “People do not care about our planet, and it’s awful,” protested the lady Hailey. “Better focus on how to teach children to apply toothpaste and clean up after themselves,” advised Emily but Spooky.

Some commentators added that a disposable brush useful for the homeless and for people with disabilities, but the rest is not worth to use them. “This is some new level of laziness,” wrote Shayleigh.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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